Clean Water 

Throughout West Africa, with the exception of a few coastal regions, drinking water is insufficient, or highly contaminated.

The main issue is a lack of safe drinking water. River and lake water is polluted, contaminated with germs and pathogens, and distributed unevenly. Water points are frequently lost, particularly in rural areas. Women and children in savanna areas may spend several hours a day fetching water.
To obtain drinking water, wells are frequently drilled in remote areas and the water is pumped with handle pumps until clean water can be extracted. However, the pumps frequently silt up, lowering the groundwater level, the wells silt up, or there is a risk of salinization in coastal areas. In any case, most of the water is unfit for human consumption.

Large quantities of drinking water of the best quality can only be obtained by environmentally friendly and most effective desalination method in the distillation process:

• independent of location

• robust, very low maintenance and long lasting

• purest water and constantly high water quality

• no chemical additives, no emissions

• can be directly powered by renewable energy plants

• Inexpensive provision of large amounts of water

Water treatment and water supply is generally possible in every region, but the costs differ considerably according to effort and technology used. Cost factors include the filter systems, pumps and the choice of energy supply for operation.
Clean drinking water should not be a luxury good. But especially in poorer regions, the resource is scarce and expensive, so many people are left with only contaminated drinking water.
Our approach is therefore to keep various plant systems available for the corresponding need.
The drinking water obtained must be controlled in order to avoid loss of quality and diseases. The systems are looked after and maintained by trained staff.

Drinking water must remain affordable

Desalination-systems are refinanced within a period of two to three years. The systems are low-maintenance and cause low maintenance costs for the next 15 years. However, the power supply must be guaranteed so that the systems can work at full capacity. Therefore, the energy costs incurred must always be considered in the basic price when selling drinking water.

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