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TERRA 21 ENERGY | production + storage of green energy ?
Converting wind and solar energy into clean water.
Hydrogen and biogas production, the energy of the future.

The TOKEN 4 WATER are digital securities in the form of uncertificated, subordinated, tokenized participation rights with a fixed annual interest rate. The capital raised will be used for the production and storage of environmentally friendly energy.

Wind and sun are our energy, which should be stored. This is done by converting it into 100% clean water through seawater desalination plants.
The water obtained is then used:

• As a starting product to produce hydrogen gas (Hydrogen Energy)
• For drinking water supply and storage, as clear water for bottling

The energy requirement is high, so the plants in West Africa are projected to use the available solar energy and the wind currents over the Atlantic. Water from the Atlantic is used as a raw material in the first plants. This is available in consistent quality with no quantity restrictions.
The seawater desalination plants will be built in Gambia and Senegal on the Atlantic coast and will be operated by local partners.
For the continuous utilization of the plants, the 24-hour power supply is additionally supported by biogas plants, with the gas production from waste materials. The biogas power is used when solar and wind energy is not available in sufficient quantities or serves to balance out power fluctuations.

„take the wind and drink the water”

Our vision is, how energy is generated in an environmentally friendly way, stored in the form of water and then used as a new form of energy – up to the production of hydrogen gas.

TERRA 21 ENERGY has more than 20 years of experience in the operation of biogas plants and sea water desalination. We also work on water recycling, converting waste into green energy, we do all planning and operation necessary for these plants.

TERRA 21 ENERGY | production + storage of green energy
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