Seawater Desalination

The water produced by distillation technology is suitable both as drinking water and for industrial purposes. The customers will benefit from opportunities to create added value in downstream businesses such as salt works, agriculture, food processing, beverage industry and tourism. They will not only provide drinking water but also initiate local development and create jobs. This makes the desalination plant a means to prevent poverty migration caused by extreme water scarcity and drought.

The construction of the drinking water systems is relatively simple. However, when choosing a location, it must be taken into account that the systems are secured against theft and vandalism. The prefabricated systems should therefore ideally be installed in permanent buildings that are secured.

Payment systems ensure that the water withdrawal IS paid for. This is done by buying cards with a barcode or reading the barcode directly from the mobile phone.

Drinking water must remain affordable

For the individual locations, partners must therefore be found who make the location available for the system and who take care of the protection and maintenance of the systems. Preliminary talks have taken place here, and there is a willingness in many places. Individual customers, such as hotel facilities, hospitals, etc., are also interested in corresponding systems for their area.

The planning of the first systems always takes place in the vicinity of the Atlantic, as the water extraction, power supply by wind turbines and disposal of residual water can be guaranteed here. Other, dry areas may also be used for later systems, if desired.

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